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Be Careful What You Read About Building Decks

Hello, I am Phil Vanfossen, owner of Legendary Painting Contractors and Legendary Renovations.
I watched a YouTube video yesterday and was surprised to see a video where the speaker was giving very poor instruction on how to build a deck.  
The first issue was the use of lag bolts to attach the ledger to the home.  The second issue was that he did not stagger his bolt pattern properly.  There is a risk of failure if the ledger board separates from the home.  Both issues are code requirements in the state of Georgia.

One addition issue is that he did not atach the deck securely to the ground.  This is a code issue in Georgia.  Our decks are required to be firmly attached to the earth in order to prevent tornadoes from picking them up and carrying them away.

Finally, the support posts were lag bolted into the side of the frame of the deck. I have seen this done and had to correct it because the deck was failing from the weight of a hot tub.

The point of the article is that DIYers need to be careful using YouTube videos as a guideline for their construction projects.  If a DIYer does this project in the fashion presented in the video, there is a risk of deck failure from detachment from the house.  That could leave this homeowner liable for injuries to his visitors.

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